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Not only are these documents great, they also give a peek into the past of what people where doing.  Find your family members here!  We have quite an assortment of ORIGINAL old documents to choose from. 

Keep in mind, I did the very best I could to translate and transcribe the information from these documents.  As I am only human, it is highly possible that words and names have been mis-interpreted, mis-spelled, document itself could have had the name spelled differently, so please contact me for document condition, appearance, and further details before your purchase.


I like to keep disappointments to a minimum.


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Form No 46 Treasury Department Second Auditor's Offfice dated Aug 20, 1868, last payment made to Richard M Soomis, Corp Co A NY Vol discharged at Washington DC May 2, 1862.



 $  45.00


New York Central Railroad Co Passenger Service Voucher to B. Grunaugh, Passenger Service for August 1864.




 $  45.00


Pay Voucher & Discharge Paper, Charles Kupper (Kupfer), Co I Fourth Reg NY Cavalry Volunteers , born in Germany, injury of left foot, dated Apr 14, 1862



 $  125.00


Discharge - July 27 1865 Elijah Clayton, Union soldier Co. E, 7th Regiment, TN Mounted Infantry, dark complexion, dark eyes, dark hair, born Monroe Co, TN;



 $  125.00


GAR Application - John W Phenney, 3rd Maine Vol


 $    39.50